The Coffee Bar

Reviewed by: Victoria S.


Overall Experience(s): 🙂


What You Want to Know: Remote location but tasty coffee and great terrace for a sunny day.


Wifi: Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.57.53 PM.png

During the week, The Coffee Bar offers free Wifi inside and outside on their terrace. They do not offer Wifi on weekends.


Quality of Beverages and Food: 🍴🍴🍴🍴Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.45.54 PM.png

TBC offers a variety of beverages apart from coffee, such as leaf tea, juices, sodas, and sparkling water, and they give out free water. It also has a display of pastries like muffins, scones, Danish, bagels, croissants, and donuts made by local bakeries.

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️

The Coffee Bar is a laid-back coffee shop. It has a vintage décor; there’s art on the walls done by some of the baristas who are current and former art students. On the chalkboard, behind the counter, there are quotes about coffee from artists, authors, historical figures, and movie characters. The music playing in the background is principally hip-hop, rap, and reggae. The seating arrangement is convenient for both individuals and groups; it’s easy to concentrate on work or join a conversation. TCB also has a spacious terrace that’s directly facing the sun.

The Coffee Bar (TCB) is situated in an emerging neighborhood, sandwiched in between U Street and Logan Circle. The neighborhood has a suburban type feel; it’s a very calm place in DC. The closest metro stop is U Street, which serves the green and yellow lines, and is two blocks away from the coffee shop.

TCB has multiple roasters: Ceremony, Bespoken, Verve, and Onyx that are from all over the United States. This enables TCB coffee to have more interesting flavors because customers are not accustomed to the taste. Most of TCB’s roasters have fair if not direct trade with their farmers; some even have price premiums. TCB doesn’t propose organic coffee but it has seasonal brews.

Overall, The Coffee Bar has a lax atmosphere with some original seasonal coffee, a nice terrace and is situated in a calm but remote neighborhood.


Location: 1201 S St. NW Washington, DC 20009

Twitter: @thecoffeebardc

Instagram: @thecoffeebardc



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