Politics and Prose

A small underground coffee shop offering great coffee and food. Located on 5012 Connecticut Ave NW Politics and Prose is an extremely accessible coffee shop with numerous bus stops near by. Something that is extremely important about The Den is that besides being a coffee shop, it is a place where musical and literary event are held.

Overall Experience(s): πŸ™‚

Soho Tea & Coffee

This coffeeshop located in the heart of Dupont is convenient place right on the corner 21st & P street, only a short, two-block walk from the Dupont metro station. It is a comfortable place to sit down and do work, with a variety drink choices. They are known for having delicious breakfast sandwiches, fancy lattes served in mason jars, and interesting wall art!

Overall Experience(s): πŸ™‚

Ocean City Coffee Company

No matter what you prefer, there is sure to be something for you. An asset to this shop is their abundance of drip coffee choices, which is self-serve then pay at the register. The most popular times are between 8 a.m. – 12 in the afternoon, especially during the summer at the boardwalk locations. If you plan on sitting down and enjoying your coffee make sure to go to their shop on Asbury.

Overall Experience(s): πŸ™‚

Philz Coffee

Many people who experience Philz for the first time comment on the long lines and complicated ordering style. However, if you go to the shop at the right time and read the signs posted on the walls, the ordering process is actually intimate and enjoyable. Baristas line up behind the counter awaiting your specific instructions. Their goal is to improve your day with a perfectly personalized cup of coffee and their personalities are conducive to such incredible customer service.

Overall Experience(s): 😊