Little Red Fox

With no more than four bus stops less than a minute away, Little Red Fox is in a very convenient spot. With less than twenty dollars, one can go enjoy a good meal with a refreshment. The only bad part of the place is its size; it’s not that big.

Overall Experience(s): 😊


Tryst is the ultimate hangout spot and getaway place from one’s fast-paced reality. It is chaotic yet relaxing but make sure to go at the right time as the place is usually busy. Tryst is like a merge of a restaurant, coffee shop and bar. They are pretty family-friendly but once the clock hits 9pm on a Friday or Saturday, the shop becomes 21 and over. The ambience however, is great on any regular day.

Overall Experience(s): 😊

Espresso Royale

Espresso Royale is a midwestern coffee chain that spans in four different states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan). All the locations are in college towns and are super popular for students and townies alike to hang out and do work. Despite the fact that it’s a chain, each has its own vibe that is distinctly different!

Overall Experience(s): 😊

Compass Coffee

Compass has multiple different locations throughout Washington, D.C. The first one was opened in the historic Shaw neighborhood and now there are four in the district. It was started by two Marines who met and bonded over coffee while serving in Afghanistan together.

Overall Experience(s): πŸ™‚